FUN! is awesome!! It is a site that is like a virtual pin board. It has tons of ideas, like hairstyles (not that i don’t give you enough, hahahaha), outfit ideas, “how to” paint your nails (fancy styles), crafts, organization ideas, neat homes, and much more!!  You need to be careful though, or you could be on that place too long!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Happy Pinning 😉 Follow me @LifeAToBella and see my pins;-)


Fun Craft!

Want to do a fun craft that is useful? This is a great one! I don’t plan meals but I do make “To Do” lists. So I made mine a “To Do” list frame! Here’s what I did:



  • Found a frame that fit where I wanted to hang it
  • Got scrapbooking paper
  • Got “cut out” letters
  • Got a glue stick
  • Then I cut the scrapbooking paper to fit the frame
  • glued the letters to the paper
  • then but the paper in the frame

That’s it! Now you have a dry erase bored that cost you very little and didn’t take you very long! Want to see where I found it? Click here and while your at it follow me on pinterest @LifeAToBella 🙂


10 reasons homeschooling is great!

homeschooling postI have been homechooled since kindergarten… Practically my whole life! And over the years I have been vary blessed with not having some of the difficulties that public school has… So here are 10 reasons why I am thankful and maybe why you should homeschool too!

1. I don’t have to get up at 6 AM

2. I can do school in my jammies!

3. I can get done early

4. I can have more time off

5. I could write a blog (hahahaha)

6. I can spend more time with my family

7. I can have my (homeschool) friends over during to week

8. I can go to Bush Gardens during the week when almost nobody is there and ride rides 5 times in a row with no wait

9. I don’t have a ton of drama

10. I get to me! The true Me!!!!!!